Where can I find financing for my new project? Debt? Equity? Where can I find construction financing today?

Answer: JMBM's Meet the Money® Conference.

You should come to Meet the Money®, the most focused gathering of hotel financing resources with more than 100 speakers and 25 sessions. JMBM’s Meet the Money® Conference continues to attract over 400 senior hotel industry executives from around the world.

Movers and shakers from Wall Street, the CMBS world, hotel REITs, banks and credit companies and private capital and funds join us every year, looking for good projects and sharing their visions.

This year's Conference will begin on Monday evening May 6, 2013 with a reception, followed by 1 ½ days of finance and work-out related sessions and breakouts. For more information on Meet the Money® 2013, visit MeetheMoney.com