How do I learn more about EB-5?

We frequently represent hotel and other commercial real property developers seeking financing from foreign investors — particularly Chinese investors — using the EB-5 immigrant investor visa program. Under this program, foreign investors can obtain a visa by making an investment in a U.S. project that will create at least 10 new jobs for every investor. Since EB-5 financing requires the sponsorship of a “regional center” in order to count indirect as well direct job creation, we help some of our clients form their own regional centers to sponsor EB-5 offerings for their own new developments. We help other clients find and negotiate with existing regional centers to sponsor their developments.

We have worked on dozens of EB-5 financings from every angle, and as a result we know the players in the EB-5 world, including many of the regional center operators throughout the U.S. and marketing agents operating in China. We use our expertise and relationships to help our clients make good choices and guide them through the entire EB-5 financing process. We also assist lender clients in structuring their relationships with EB-5 investments.