HMA & Franchise Agreement Handbook

The HMA & Franchise Agreement Handbook

Hotel Management Agreements & Franchise Agreements for Owners, Developers, Investors and Lenders (3rd edition)

What you need to know about negotiating, re-negotiating, or terminating hotel management agreements and franchise agreements

The HMA & Franchise Agreement Handbook is a practical, easy-to-read guide that addresses the critical issues involved in negotiating, re-negotiating and terminating hotel management agreements from the hotel owner’s perspective.

The 3rd edition of The HMA & Franchise Handbook includes 8 new articles and a new chapter to deal with the important issues raised by franchise agreements, brands and independent operators. For more detail on The Handbook’s contents, see the description below the registration form.

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What’s in The Hotel Management Agreements & Franchise Agreements

  1. How to get a great hotel operator
    • Maximizing hotel value with management, branding and franchise
    • Three of the most important things you will ever do for your hotel
    • The five biggest mistakes hotel owners make in selecting operators and negotiating brand HMAs
    • How to get a great hotel operator and a fair hotel management agreement
    • How to negotiate an HMA
  2. What you need in your hotel management agreement
    • What to do before you start negotiating your brand HMA
    • Hotel management agreement performance standards and why they matter
    • Five keys for good HMA budget provisions
    • Indemnification provisions
    • Subordination agreements and how they affect the value, financeability and collateral value of a hotel
    • Exculpation clauses
  3. Franchise agreements, brands & independent operators
    • Decisions about brands and management
    • The myth that franchise agreements cannot be negotiated
    • Five things to keep in mind when you look for a hotel operator
    • The importance of comfort letters in financing franchised hotels
    • Brand franchise issues in hotel purchase and sale transactions
    • Dual-branded hotels
    • The trap of "changing brand standards"
  4. How to terminate a hotel management agreement
    • Why is hotel management agreement litigation on the rise?
    • Why all long-term hotel management agreements are now terminable
    • Marriott v. Eden Roc — what it all means for terminating hotel management agreements
    • Importance of fiduciary duties in disputes between hotel owners and hotel operators
    • Terminating hotel management agreements when things don't work